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Reference Books

William F. McGuinn and Bruce S. Bazelon, New 2001 Enlarged Edition of American Military Button Makers and Dealers: Their Backmarks and Dates.

This is "THE" button dating tool for collectors, dealers, and researchers. It is an indispensable reference. All military button makers and retailers are listed alphabetically with a brief history of the companies and the dates of their operation. Further, all observed and reported variations of their backmarks are listed and keyed by Albert's code to the face designs pictured in Albert's book. A photo section rounds out this incredible reference. It is an information packed book that could easily return its nominal cost on any subsequent button purchase. Outstanding value. (price includes postage)


Alpheus H. Albert's, Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons.

This is "THE" standard reference work on the subject and a must have volume. It is the most comprehensive catalogue work on American Military buttons and covers the eras from the Revolutionary War through WWII. The catalogue nomenclature is employed by the collecting community as the cataloguing standard. Hence, it is the button collector's "bible" with a small "b." (price includes postage)




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