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Relics and Memorabilia

(Updated October 12, 2017)

PhotoItem # 
rm001   Sold   Confederate frame buckle...smooth, even patina, a top shelf example!   $550.00
rm002   Sold   Outstanding rectangular "C.S.A." buckle with a premium feature; note the casting bubble above the "S," evidencing the difficulties encountered by Confederate manufacturing process. Found in Georgia.   $3000.00
rm003   Sold   Outstanding "Two-piece CS" buckle. Found in central Virginia.   $2600.00
rm004   Sold   Nice "OVM" box plate from Williamsburg, VA. The two brass loops are absent, but this is the "wide letter" variety and it stands out bold and clear. (OHIO VOLUNTEER MILITIA)   $2100.00
rm005   Sold   Excavated Eagle Rossette. Loaded with silver plate, this die struck item is lead filled and is eye catching.   $155.00
rm006   NEW   Perfect, dug "Puppy Paw" S.N.Y. buckle (STATE of NEW YORK). This pictured example has Sold .  I have picked up a superior example with leather still in place on the stud hooks that was an early find by Art Keene in Northern Virginia.  I can offer it at the same price.   $1250.00
rm007   NEW   Perfect, dug Federal eagle shoulder belt plate.   $200.00
rm008   NEW   Perfect, dug "US" cartridge box plate. Found Charles City County, VA.   $200.00
rm009   Sold   Two Piece "CS" wreath...straightened, brazed, & cracked, but where else are you going to find an original example for this little money. Here is your chance to own an original Confederate buckle.   $275.00
rm010   Sold   Beautiful, heavily gilded, vest size Federal Infantry button on cloth. Found Battle of Malvern Hill. From the John Graham collection.   $125.00
rm011   Sold   Model 1855 Riflemen's Waist Belt Plate. This example was recovered from the Excelsior Brigade Camp at Brandy Station, VA. These buckles were used on the accoutrement belts that carried the heavy, brass-hilted, model 1855 sabre bayonets. The manufactured holes in the keepers were designed as aids for carrying the knapsack.   $575
rm012   Sold   Fine example of an excavated, brass barreled, single shot pistol. Remarkably, the nipple, trigger, and trigger guard (while broken) are still present. A nice relic.   $150
rm013   Sold   Pair of Confederate Navy cuff links (buttons are 23mm size. Silver "S" shaped pressure links were slipped through the shanks during Victorian times and can be slid on or off, at will, leaving the shanks undamaged.. These are original and a keepsake of a loved one or testament of an owner's earlier service with the Confederate States Navy. Having been passed down, and purchased by me, I will pass them along in deference and honor. They are wonderful collectibles, yet, are safely and fully functional.   $2575
rm014   Sold   Grand Army of the Republic Sword Belt Plate. The GAR was the largest organization of Union Veterans following the Civil War.   Sold
rm015   Sold   Great camp relic �.from Stafford County, Virginia�. a Type III Williams Cleaner bullet protrudes from this large piece of melted lead. About six inches long by three to five inches wide, it would make a fine paper weight for an office desk and great conversation piece.   $55
rm016   Sold   Original celluloid Confederate Reunion badge from the Memphis, 1901, Confederate Veterans Reunion. With strong colors and the original ribbon, the scroll boldly displays a likeness of Nathan Bedford Forest. I purchased this some years ago when the collections and contents of the old Sharpsburg Museum were sold at public auction and will provide a letter to that effect.   $550
rm017   Sold   Ox shoe; dug.   Sold
rm018   Rare example of a "BLG" shield shaped breastplate. Pre-Civil War Militia. Original pin attachment is still present.   $875
rm019   Sold   Original George Washington Inaugural Button! Interestingly, this example was pierced and fashioned into a pendant.   Sold
rm020   Sold   Gilted, poncho hook ; dug, excellent condition.   Sold
rm021   Sold   Civil War Era socks with reinforced heels. Apparent blood stains. Great for a display of personal items of a Civil War soldier. The lucky ones received such from home�many wished for them!   $150
rm022   Sold   Lead canister shot.   $25
rm023   Sold   Fine set of Shoulder-epaulets, likely to have been Virginia militia used. This nice pair is from an attic in Front Royal, Virginia.   $435
rm024   NEW   Union, Civil War pattern, bulls eye canteen.   $200
rm025   Sold   St. Louis Depot canteen with cloth cover and strap. See enlargements for condition of cover.   Sold
rm026   Sold   Textbook example of a Confederate cap box, with lead finial and single belt loop. Excellent condition!   $1550
rm027   Sold   Carte de Visite of US Navy Ensign with very nice identification and inscription on reverse. Click on photo for detail.   $225 Now...$175
rm028   Not available   Major General George G. Meade's personal copy of History of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, by J. H. Sypher. Importantly, this leather bound volume includes a presentation inscription from the author to Gen. Meade on the front fly leaf. Also, it includes some hand written editorial notes on the Battle of Gettysburg understood to be by General Meade. George Meade commanded the PRC early in the War. This is a wonderful piece with compelling historical association to the Commander of the Federal Army at Gettysburg.   Thank you
rm029   Sold   This is a perfect example of the beautiful Chasseur's hat plate found by Paul Irving, and until recently, retained as his personal example. Paul and his brother found the untouched winter camp of the Excelsior Brigade (71st, 72nd, 73rd, and 120th New York Regiments) at Brandy Station, some years back (mid to late 70's)...but, well after most of the big camps had been found in Northern Virginia...I was just a teenager, but "boy, do I recall the buzz!!!" They recovered many wonderful relics. See the section dedicated to them and chronicling the camps discovery in Howard Crouch's, Relic Hunter, The Supplement. Of those hat plates that they found, most were reconstructed from broken pieces and incomplete plates. These hat plates are large and thin (read fragile) and have rarely been recovered intact. This one is superb, and that is why Paul kept it to the last. When war broke out in 1861, Americans residing in Paris, France, raised the money to equip some few regiments and eventually sent the equipments to the seat of hostilities. Some of these were awarded by Gen. George B. McClellan in recognition to top performing troops at the grand review of 100,000 troops of the Amy of the Potomac in 1862. This is a wonderful relic, with condition, history, and lots of relic lore. It is large: a full 4 inches tall by four inches across the bottom. It is absolutely complete, and even has the attachment device present on the reverse. I am pleased to offer it.   $1150.00
rm030   Sold   The Regimental History of the 72nd New York Infantry and is the very copy from which Paul and Dennis Irving located their famed (and fabled) winter camp near Brandy Station. See the Chasseur's hat plate above and read the chapter in Howard Crouch's book for more detail....this is the book--the self-same-copy--(acquired from Paul Irving) that led to the discovery of the camp!   $375.00
rm031 -- Sold   Confederate Selma Arsenal (marked and dated) friction primer box. Still contains two friction primers. This is a very rare Confederate item. The only other one that I am aware of is in the Atlanta History Center Collection.   $2550.00
rm032   Sold  Excavated Fifth Corps badge; Commercially made, clear evidence of the T-bar pin attachment and nice edge decoration. There are two creases, but no repairs. This one is for real!   $575.00
rm033   NEW   Click on item for additional view of this very cool token of American Military Button manufacture, "Robinsons & Jones." Made of copper and about the same size of a large cent. 29mm.   $40.00
rm034   Sold   Engraved shield. "T-Bar" pin is absent, but its base and clasp are present... Political/Secret Society/unknown. Found in Hillsboro, VA near Harper's Ferry.   $125.00
    Sold   "1861" dated Model 1861 Springfield musket with nicley carved Confederate ID: hand carved in the butt stock is "W. A. Reynolds 55th GA". This fine piece belongs to my father (Lewis Leigh, Jr.) and is one you don't have to wonder or squint about. The carving is clear (more so, even than the pictures allow) and honest. Both initials are present and The Roster of the 55th Georgia volunteers shows that Private W. A. Reynolds enlisted on May 12, 1862. He is reported present on the roll of Co. A, Detachment to this regiment, for Oct. 1864. If you want an honest Johnny musket, or one with iron clad Georgia provenance, this is that piece. A $7500 gun, with a very friendly price of $6775.   $6775.00
    Sold   Federal Cavalry Rosette; lead filled. Attachments not present. Bold "US"   $55.00
    Sold   Rare plate! This is a true U.S. Army regulation Model 1851 Officer's sword-belt plate (calling for gilding and applied wreath, they were soon replaced with cast wreaths in the officer's grade)! This incredible excavated example is loaded with gilt and shows the clear outline of the German silver wreath. This is a wonderful plate, and truly rare example. It was found at Annapolis Junction, Maryland.   $575.00
rm009 -- Sold   Complete set of the War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Missing only one volume.   Sold
    Sold   Regimental hat number "1". Good dug condition, a little fraying at top edge, but solid and strong example   $35.00
    Sold   Dug "US" buckle with arrow head hooks. Some light rim damage at upper left corner, but smooth surface and solid lead on reverse; retains all three hooks.   $200.00
    Sold   Dug "US" buckle with puppy-paw hooks. Solid rim, some blistering to lead on reverse. Found in Washington County, Maryland. The Army of the Potomac invested this County during the Antietam Campaign and, again, in the pursuit of Lee and his army to the Potomac River following the Battle of Gettysburg.   $250.00
    Sold   Company hat letter "K". This is one of the scarcer hat letters as it is fragile and subject to breaking at the joint of the "K." This excellent example was found on private property at the Battle of Antietam.   $100.00
    Sold   Collection of rare CS State accoutrement plates.   Sold
    Sold   Collection of rare CS Central Government accoutrement plates.   Sold
    Sold   Collection of rare CS State accoutrement plates on the belts.   Sold
    Sold   Collection of rare CS Central Government accoutrement plates on the belts.   Sold
    Sold   Model 1851 Regulation Federal Sword Belt Plate. Found near Hillsboro, Loudoun County, Virginia.   $225.00
    Sold   Tongue to Two-piece "CS" Found in Central Virginia, this one whistles Dixie. Guaranteed real for life.   $975.00
    Sold   Super excavated enlistedmen's Federal cavalry sword belt plate. One of the very desirable patterns with "rays" surrounding the eagle. Some of the German silver wreath still intact. This fine buckle was found at Hillsboro, in Loudoun County, Virginia. A Southern approach to Harper's Ferry, this area was strongly picketed by both sides.   $375.00
    Sold   Nice dug Militia plate. Hook attachments are no longer present.   $475.00
    Sold   Neat & unusual excavated Rooster Whistle.   $175.00
    Sold   Nice officer's sword belt plate and belt. Some moderate tearing and a break to sword hanger.   $625.00
    Sold   Fine Union 'rooster neck' spur. Found near Hillsboro, Loudoun Co., VA.   $75.00
    Sold   Ruby ambrotype and CDV of two Federal Soldiers.   $750.00
    Sold   Knife/Fork combination set. Point of knife broken.   $85.00
    Sold   Four overcoat size Union Riflemen buttons found in a trash pit at Calverton, VA.   $125.00
    Sold   Nice, relic! Lead patiotic name stamp. Has spread wing eagle at top with arrows and laurel branches in talons. Stars and wreath beneath.   $55.00
    Sold   Dug eagle breastplate, no loops, pretty nice. Recovered in Loudoun County, VA.   $115.00
    Sold   Colonial bleeder (blood-letter) or fleem with very unusual bold floral decoration. This from my personal collection. I haven't seen another this ornate.   $200.00
    Sold   Very nice dug Union Artillery insignia (no breaks or repairs).   $225.00
    Sold   Nice Union belt buckle found on private property at Gettysburg, PA.   $275.00
    Sold   Great and unique cavalry make-do item. A trooper fashioned a spur strap from a Federal sword belt plate.   $250.00
    Sold   12 lb Bormann. Unloaded.   $275.00
    Sold   Very nice Remington revolver in original "H.A. Dingee" marked (scarce) holster. Verbal family attribution to NY soldier accompanies piece.   $2450.00


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