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Union State Buttons


PhotoItem #Albert's CodeDescriptionSizePrice
us000 CF1A California State Seal. Scarce! "Scovill Mf'g Co. /Waterbury." Please check availability of this scarce uniform button. 23mm $350
us001 CT12A1 NEW   Connecticut Staff. Super nice example! "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $100.00
us002 CT13 Sold   Connecticut State Seal uniform button found Culpeper County, VA. 23mm $40.00
us003 CT13Av Sold   Excavated Connecticut State Seal cuff button; Found Culpeper County, VA and shows ground action. "Scovills & Co/Extra" 15mm $20.00
us005 CT13A1 NEW   Connecticut Sate Seal. Beautiful condition! "*Scovill Mf'g Co.*/Waterbury." rmdc. 23mm $75.00
us006 CT13A3 Sold   Excavated example of the Connecticut State Seal button. Very nice! Found Pleasant Valley, Md. 23mm $80.00
us007 CT13v NEW   Cuff Connecticut Sate Seal. Mint! ".Scovills & Co./Extra" 15mm $40.00
us008 CT13v NEW   Cuff Connecticut Sate Seal. Unusual backmark: ".Wm. H. Smith & Co./New York" 15mm $47.00
us009 CT13v REDUCED   Cuff Connecticut Sate Seal. Dug with Rose Gilt. Blank back. Super smooth patina. 15mm



us010 CT20A REDUCED  This is a rare excavated example of the Connecticut National Guard button. Great gilt, no shank. 23mm

$250.00  $200.00 


us011 CT20 C.N.G. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $30.00
us012 CT13Av NEW   Connecticut state seal cuff, "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $35.00
us014 CT20Av NEW   Connecticut National Guard cuff. "Scovill Mf'g, Co./.Waterbury." 15mm $25.00
us018 CT27A NEW   New Haven Grays; Beautiful! ".*.W.B.Co.*./Waterbury" rmdc. 23mm


us019 CT28 NEW   New Haven Grays, "*Extra.*/Quality." 23mm $125.00
us020 SU85 NEW   Collegiate & Commercial Institute, New Haven, Conn. (Be sure to click on the thumbnail to better view this rich design detail) "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $75.00
us022 ME1A Maine Seal "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." 23mm $75.00
us024 ME4A1 NEW   Silver plated 1-piece Maine. "Best Plated (OE)/London" 23mm $75.00
us026 ME1Av Maine cuff. "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." 15mm $40.00
us027 ME1v Maine cuff "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $45.00
us028 ME4A1 NEW   One-piece Maine button, ".*.Imperial.*./Standard" rmdc. 22mm $75.00
us029 ME4C Sold   Rare! Peasley marked Maine 1-piece: "***A.M.Peasley.***/Boston" rmdc. 22mm $275.00
us030 ME4E NEW   Maine, 1-piece, ".R & W. Robinson./Attleborough.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm $75.00
us031 ME10A Sold   Bath City Grays; scarce. Very nice with heavy gilding, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $275.00
us032 ME10Av Sold   Bath City Grays cuff; Rare. Very nice with heavy gilding, ".Robinsons./Extra" 15mm $150.00
us033 MG4 NEW   Michigan State Seal, rare backmark variation with "Schuyler H. & G./New-York." great patina and look to this one. 23mm $325.00
us035 MG4C NEW   Michigan State Seal button. Very nice condition. Premium backmark of: ".*.Goddard & Bro.*./Extra" 23mm $250.00
us036 MG4A NEW   Michigan State Seal button. Superb condition! Early backmark of: "Scovill Mg Co/Waterbury" (small letters around outside edge) 23mm $255.00
us037 MG4Av NEW   Michigan cuff "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $85.00
us038 MG4unl Sold   Dug Michigan State Seal button with scarce mark of "Schuyler H & G./New-York" (rim damage, but no repairs and back does not come off). It has a nice highlighted look. 23mm $155.00
us039 MG7 REDUCED  Detroit Light Guard. Great unlisted rmdc marking "Horstmann. Bro. & Allien/NY" rmdc. 23mm



us040 MS19 Sold Early Massachusetts; 1-piece construction. Nice toning, no shank. 25mm $50.00
us041 MS19 Massachusetts, 1-piece "Warranted/(wreath)/Treble/Plated" Silver plated. 25mm $100.00
us043 MS19 Massachusetts, 1-piece "Rich Quality (OE)/London/(circle of stars)" Super, gilted example. 25mm $100.00
us044 MS19v NEW   Rare, cuff, 1-piece, Massachusetts; silver plated! "Treble Plated/(wreath)" 17mm $150.00
us046 MS22 NEW   Massachusetts, 1-piece. "-London-/Extra-Quality" 25mm $175.00
us048 MS27A1 Massachusetts, 1-piece "Rich Quality/London" 23mm $65.00
us049 MS27Av Massachusetts, 1-piece "Rich Quality/London" Rare! Silver plated. 17mm $100.00
us050 MS30 NEW   Massachusetts State Seal; Beautiful die work. "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $125.00
us052 MS33B Massachusetts Vol. Militia, 1-piece. Blank. 21mm $100.00
us054 MS34 NEW   Low convex Massachusetts; silver plated and very nice, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $75.00
us055 MS34 Massachusetts Vol. Militia, low convex 2-piece. "*R&W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $45.00
us056 MS34 Massachusetts Vol. Militia, low convex 2-piece. "*R&W. Robinson*/Extra" 19mm $55.00
us057 MS34v Massachusetts Vol. Militia, low convex 2-piece cuff "Robinsons/Extra" 14mm $30.00
us058 MS34v Massachusetts Vol. Militia, low convex 2-piece cuff "Robinsons/Extra" Heavily silvered. 14mm $40.00
us059 MS35Av NEW   Rare, silvered cuff Massachusetts with early mark of "B & Burnham/Superfine" 15mm $75.00
us060 MS35 NEW   Massachusetts State Seal, ".*.*. R& W. Robinson *.*./Makers/*Attleborough*/Mass." Nice early backmark. 23mm $45.00
us061 MS35 Massachusetts Vol. Militia "*L.B. Horton & Co.*" rmdc Scarce! Sword has been intentionally removed. Intriguing! 23mm $55.00
us063 MS35v Massachusetts cuff "*W.Button Co*/Extra" Flat, early mark. 15mm $20.00
us064 MS35 Massachusetts Seal "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm $30.00
us065 MS36 Massachusetts Vol. Militia ".Steele & Johnson" (rmdc with lined channel) 23mm $40.00
us066 MS41A NEW   Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1st Regiment, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $125.00
us067 MS41A Vol. Militia 1st Regiment "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." 23mm $100.00
us068 MS41v Vol. Militia 1st Regiment cuff "Robinson/Extra" 15mm $75.00
us069 MS42A Sold  Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 4th Regiment. Rare! "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $400.00
us070 MS45A Sold   Ancient and Honorable Artillery. 1799? 1801-1810. blank. Mellow, aged patina offers nice contrast to the gilt of the letters and date 25mm $650.00
us071 MS46A Sold  Ancient & Honorable Artillery, 1810. Silver Plated! 23mm $350.00
us072 MS47A NEW   Scarce, early Ancient and Honorable Artillery. Blank. 24mm $150.00
us074 MS48A NEW   Ancient and Honorable Artillery, Scarce early example: "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $175.00
us075 MS48 Ancient and Honorable Artillery. "D.Evans & Co/Attleboro Mass" 23mm $75.00
us077 MS62v Independent Corps of Cadets "*Robinsons*/Extra" Nice early example. Mint! 15mm $35.00
us078 MS66A Sold  Boston Light Infantry, 1-piece. "R & W. Robinson/Attleborough/.*.Extra.*./Rich" 22mm $300.00
us079 MS73A NEW   National Lancers. "*Robinsons*/Extra Rich" 23mm $75.00
us080 MS73Av Sold  National Lancers cuff. "*R & W. R*/Extra Rich" 15mm $35.00
us082 MS76 NEW   New England Guards, medium size, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra" 17mm $55.00
us083 MS76A New England Guards, low convex 2-piece "R&W. Robinson" in ribbon with eagle. 21mm $55.00
us084 MS76Av New England Guards, cuff. "R&W. Robinson/Extra" 15mm $35.00
us085 MS81 NEW   Washington Light Infantry, 1-piece. "R & W Robinson/Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm $475.00
us086 MS88A NEW   Fitchburg Fusileers, "*R & W. Robinson*/ Extra Rich" 23mm $175.00
us088 MS95 Sold   Sarsfield Guards. Rare. "*Robinsons*/ Jones & Co" 21mm $475.00
us089 MS100 REDUCED   Worcester City Guard. Choice example. "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm



us090 NH6 New Hampshire "D.Evans & CO. Attleboro' Mass" in ribbon 23mm $65.00
us091 NH6A  Sold  Beautiful and dug! New Hampshire state seal, blank, channel back. 23mm $425.00
us092 NH6A NEW   New Hampshire State Seal with rare backmark variation of ".Wm. H. Smith & Co./New- York" rmdc. Very nice button 23mm $135.00
us093 NH6 NEW   New Hampshire with blank back. Very nice condition and a tight variation. 23mm $75.00
us094 NH6 NEW   New Hampshire, "*Scovill Mf'g. Co.*/Waterbury." rmdc. 23mm $75.00
us095 NH6 REDUCED   Dug New Hampshire. Tighter blank back variant. Strong dent and two small dents to face. Gilt highlighting lends plenty of eye appeal...hard button in excavated condition! 23mm



us096 NH6Av NEW   New Hampshire cuff. "Scovill./Mfg. Co." 15mm $35.00
us097 NH6Av REDUCED   New Hampshire cuff. Dug! "Scovills & Co./Extra." Substantial gilt highlighting remains. 15mm



us098 NH6v New Hampshire cuff "Steele & Johnson" Rare! 15mm $75.00
us099 NH6v Sold   Dug New Hampshire cuff, "D. Evans & Co/Extra" 15mm $175.00
us100 NJ6A NEW   New Jersey State Seal button, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/.Waterbury." 23mm



us-101 NJ6A NEW   Dug, New Jersey State Seal button, "*Extra*/Quality." 23mm $475.00
us102 NJ6A NEW   New Jersey State Seal, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $375
us103 NJ6Av Sold   New Jersey state seal, cuff, "Scovill Mf'g. Co,/Waterbury." 15mm $175.00
us104 NJ13 NEW   New Jersey Rifle Corps, "Schuyler H & G./New-York" 23mm $285.00
us105 NJ13Av NEW   New Jersey Rifle Corps, "Schuyler. H & G./New-York" 15mm $125.00
us107 NY10 New York, 1-piece "Superior /Strong Plated" Heavily silver plated. 23mm $50.00
us108 NY10 NEW   Early New York; 1-piece, evidences substantial wear. "Rich/Standard (OE)" 21mm $25.00
us109 NY10Av NEW   New York, 1-piece cuff, scarce, "Treble/London" 15mm $75.00
us112 NY11 Sold  New York, 1-piece. Nicely gilted. "Treble Gilt/StanDd Colour" 23mm $90.00
us113 NY12 NEW   New York 1-piece,slightly convex, "*Superfine"/Colour" 21mm $125.00
us115 NY12Av NEW   Early Convex 1-piece New York cuff; silver plated "Standard/Gilt" 16mm $55.00
us116 NY14A New York, 2-piece, low convex. "Imperial/Standd. Colr." Scarce. 21mm $85.00
us117 NY20 NEW   New York State Artillery button. "Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbury" rmdc 23mm $75.00
us118 NY20 Sold  Dug New York Artillery button, scarce. The back is original and has not been repaired, but is bent and has stress creases from one side suggesting it was pushed in and pulled back up along that side. Very smooth patina with nice gilt highlights. This is a rare button dug. 20mm $125.00
us119 NY20 NEW   New York State Artillery, ".W. H. Horstmann & Co/N. York" (w/backwards N's) rmdc. 21mm $85.00
us120 NY26A NEW   Scarce New York Seal. ":Scovills & Co:Waterbury" rmdc 23mm $350.00
us122 NY28A REDUCED   Ultra rare dug New York Officers'.button with rose gilt. "Scovill Mg Co/Waterbury" Early mark with small letters around outside edge of button. Great button! 23mm $350.00 Now...$300
us124 NY28A NEW   New York Officer's. Near mint, a very nice button. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $75.00
us126 NY28v New York Staff Officers "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $40.00
us128 NYunl Unlisted New York Militia button, blank back. 16mm $55.00
us129 NY30 Sold   New York State seal. Light pin-holing and rimless. It displays well. Shank intact. 23mm $15.00
us130 NY30 NEW   Excellent, dug New York Seal with scarce mark for an NY30 "*Superior*/Quality" 23mm $60.00
us131 NY30 NEW   Dug New York button with nice "Steele & Johnson***" rmdc. backmark 23mm $30.00
us132 NY30 New York Seal "Horstmann & Allien/N.Y." flat back example like AK1A! 23mm $45.00
us133 NY30 Sold   Nice Dug New York button with tough backmark. ".D. Evans & Co./Attleboro'. Mass." (early Evans mark that is seldom encountered). The back is silver plated. 23mm $55.00
us134 NY30Av New York cuff ".*.G & B.*./Extra" Nice mark. 15mm $25.00
us135 NY30v NEW   Dug cuff New York button with nice gilt. "*Extra*/Quality" no shank. 15mm $17.00
us136 NY30Av New York cuff "Scovills & Co /Waterbury" Early and quite unusual. 15mm $25.00
us137 NY30v NEW   Dug cuff New York button, ".*. G&B .*./Extra" no shank. Exposed to a campfire.. 15mm $15.00
us138 NY30v NEW   Dug cuff New York button with nice gilt. "*Extra*/Quality". 15mm $20.00
us139 NY40 Sold   New York , Engineer Corps. Rare, silver plated! "Scovill & Co/Waterbury" rmdc. 20mm $675.00
us142 NY48 Sold   Dug12th Regiment, "Horstmann. Bro. & Allien/N.Y" rmdc. Dented on center face. Recovered at Hanover Junction, Va. 23mm $225.00
us144 NY49 NEW   13th Regiment, ":Scovill. Mg. Co:/Waterbury" rmdc. Very nice. 23mm $125.00
us145 NY49A REDUCED   Dug 13TH Regiment, NY, ":Scovill Mg. Co:/Waterbury" rmdc. Found Franklin, TN 23mm



us146 NY67 NEW   Albany Burgesses Corps, minty! ".*.W.B.Co.*./Waterbury" rmdc. 23mm $225.00
us150 NY78A REDUCED   New York Light Guard *R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm




us151 NY89B REDUCED   Ulster Guard, scarce button, "Horstman.Bros.&.Allien/N.Y." 23mm



us153 NY90Av REDUCED   Utica Citizen Corps "Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbur." Very nice! 15mm

$60.00   $55.00  Now....$50


us154 NYunl Sold   Tice's NYS295as1 "Waterbury Jewelry Co" This is a beautiful, dug example of this rare button and backmark. 15mm $175.00
us155 SU166Av NEW   Hudson River Institute, Claverack, NY, 1854. "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury" 15mm $30.00
us156 SU322 Sold   Dug Poughkeepsie Military Institute. "*Schuyler. H & G.*/New-York." The face is dented and there is a rim chip on the reverse, but is an extremely scarce dug button. It is smooth and would clean up w/ bright gilt. 23mm $150.00
us157 SU430Av Sold   W.M.I., Western Military Institute, Ohio. 15mm $75.00
us158 SU430 NEW   Western Military Institute, Ohio. This attractive button serves well as a substitute for the illusive Civil War Ohio seal. ":Scovill. Mg. Co:/Waterbury" rmdc. Very nice.  I am beginning to hear multiple voices for reattributing this to the Lexington, Kentucky school. Should such occur that will certainly elevate it to the level of a Southern school...better to get this while it is still inexpensive. (The pictured example has sold, but do have a 21mm example with an rmdc Scovill backmark for the same price). 23mm $125.00
us159 PA18 NEW   Pennsylvania State Seal, "(rose)Extra(rose)/Qualtiy" 23mm $250.00
us160 PA18B Sold   Pennsylvania State Seal, "*W.G. Mintzer.*/Phil.." Wonderful backmark, condition, and a letter of provenance with this one! 23mm $350.00
us161 PA18v Sold  Pennsylvania State Seal cuff, "*Extra*/Quality" Choice example! 15mm $100.00
us162 PA18Bv Pennsylvaia Seal cuff "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $75.00
us163 PA18A Pennsylvania Seal "*Superior*/Quality" Luster! 23mm



us164 PA38 Traded   Second Regiment Pennsylvania, "*W.G. Mintzer.*/Phil.." Dug with good gilt, solid, and complete with small dent on right center face. 23mm



us165 PA38 REDUCED  Pennsylvania National Guard, Second Regiment. A nice button which has become increasingly scarce with a raised-mark-depressed-channel backmark, "W. G. Mintzer*/Phila."rmdc. 23mm








us166 PA38Av NEW   Cuff of above, blank back. 15mm $50.00
us167 PA39Av NEW   Rare variant of the Pennsylvania National Guard button, "Scovill./Mfg. Co." 15mm $150.00
us168 PA46A NEW   Washington Grays button. Very unusual and beautiful with applied central device. "Scovills & Co./Waterbury" rmdc 23mm $375.00
us169 PA48 NEW   Chasseur's button, "Cordier Freres/Paris" 23mm $200.00
us171 PA48Av NEW   Chausseur's button cuff "Cordier Freres/Paris" (Spelled out!) 17mm $75.00
us172 RI15A NEW   Bristol Train of Artillery, ".R & W. Robinson./Extra Rich" 23mm $275.00
us173 RI7 NEW   Rhode Island staff officers' button, ".*.*. R& W. Robinson *.*./Makers/*Attleborough*/Mass." Beautiful example and the nice, early backmark. 23mm $100.00
us174 RI7Av Rhode Island Staff cuff button. "D. Evans & Co/Extra" 15mm $35.00
us175 RI8A NEW   Rhode Island state seal, "Scovill. Mfg. Co./Waterbury." 23mm $75.00
us176 RI8Av NEW   Rhode Island state seal, cuff, "Scovill./Mfg. Co." 15mm $35.00
us178 RI8 NEW   Dug Rhode Island State Seal, "Scovill. Mfg. Co./Waterbury." 23mm $85.00
us180 RI8D REDUCED  Dug Rhode Island State Seal button, "*D. Evans & Co*/Attleboro*Mass" smooth patina, very nice gilt. 23mm



us181 RI8D NEW   Rhode Island State Seal button, "*D. Evans & Co*/Attleboro*Mass" 23mm $75.00
us182 RI8v Rhode Island Seal cuff "*Treble*/Gilt" 15mm $35.00
us183 RI8 NEW   Dug Rhode Island cuff, ".Scovills & Co./Extra." 15mm $85.00
us184 RI21A Sold   Kentish Artillery. Rare! "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $425.00
us185 RI24 REDUCED   Newport Artillery, "Scovill. Mfg. Co./Waterbury." rmdc. Nice! 23mm



us186 RI27  Sold  Providence Horse Guards. The die work on this button is amazing! ".*.R & W. Robinson.*./Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 23mm $235.00
us187 RI35 Sold  Washington Cavalry, minty! "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $225.00
us189 RI35A Sold  Rhode Island: Washington Cavalry. "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $200.00
us190 VT4A Sold  Vermont Militia, silver plated, ".R & W. Robinson./Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm $375.00
us191 VT5A NEW   Vermont Militia; minty! "R & W Robinson/Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm $325.00
us192 VT9 Sold   Vermont State Seal. Extremely rare with ".R & W. Robinson./Extra Rich" backmark. 23mm $375.00
us193 VT9 Sold   Dug Vermont State Seal, "*Scovill Mf'g Co.*/Waterbury." rmdc. 23mm $175.00
us194 VT9A NEW   Vermont state seal, coat "*Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." rmdc. 23mm $65.00
us195 VT9A Vermont State Seal ".Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." rmdc 23mm $60.00
us196 VT9Av Vermont cuff "Scovill./Mfg. Co." 15mm $35.00
us197 VT9Av Vermont cuff "Goddard & Bro. Mfg Co." 15mm $38.00
us198 VT9Bv NEW   Vermont state seal, cuff ".D. Evans & Co./Extra:" 15mm $37.00
us199 SU287 Sold Norwich University, Northfield, VT. 1-piece construction. "Robinsons/Extra" 19mm



us200 WC1 NEW   Wisconsin State Seal, with beautiful gilt, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $225.00
us201 WC1 Sold   Dug Wisconsin State Seal, with gilt highlighting, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $200.00
us202 WC1A NEW   Wisconsin state seal, coat, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $225.00
us203 WC1v NEW   Cuff Wisconsin State Seal, "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $100.00
us206 WC1Av Wisconsin State Seal cuff button. "Scovill.Mfg.Co./Waterbury." 15mm $100.00
us207 WC1v Sold   Dug cuff Wisconsin State Seal, "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $100.00
  MS93A Sold   Norfolk Guards, scarce, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $375.00
  NY19C Sold   New York Artillery, 1-piece, as listed and beautiful condition. 20mm $125.00
  PA39B Sold   Pennsylvannia. Rare! ".Horstmann & Allien./N.Y" w/rays. 23mm $400.00
  PA48A Sold   Chausseur's button "Cordier Freres/Paris" 23mm $200.00
  WC1v Sold   Dug cuff Wisconsin State Seal, "Waterbury Button Co.*" 15mm $115.00
  VT6A1 Sold   Vermont Artillery, w/rare "Independent Cadets" backmark 22mm $285.00
  RI8 Sold   Rhode Island State Seal. Very hard to find with a raised-mark-depressed-channel backmark, ".Scovill Mf'g. Co../Waterbury." rmdc. Missing shank. Try looking for another. 23mm $60.00
  RI8 Sold   Dug Rhode Island State Seal. Wow! Look at this for condition. "Scovill. Mfg. Co./Waterbury." Sweet! 23mm $200.00
  NY90A Sold   Utica Citizens Corps, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $275.00
  NY30 Sold   Dug New York button with lots of rose gilt. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." no shank. 23mm $40.00
  NY12A1 Sold   New York, convex, 1-piece, "Plated/L & T." Beautiful, dug condition with lots of silver and smooth, emerald green patina. Found near Richmond, VA 21mm $125.00
  NY10Av Sold   Early New York; 1-piece. Cute and scarce in this size. "Imperial Standard." 15mm $75.00
  MS78A Sold   National Rifle Rangers, ".Robinsons, Jones & Co./Attleboro/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" This is a rare and hard to locate button. 22mm $375.00
  MS42 Sold   Rare 4th Regiment Mass Volunteer Militia, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $400.00
  MS30 Sold   Massachusetts Vol. Militia, low convex 2-piece. ":*V*ICC*G*/Perfectionne" Rare. 23mm $125.00
  MS33A Sold   Massachusetts, nice, 1-piece Miltia, ".Kendrick & Co./Waterbury" 20mm $100.00
  MS19 Sold   Massachusetts, 1-piece "Rich Quality (OE)/London/(circle of stars)" Dug, cleaned, no shank. 25mm $45.00
  MS18 Sold   Massachusetts Artillery button. Scarce and early; 1-piece construction. Blank back. Shank restored. A large and impressive button. 26mm $350.00
  ME4A1 Sold   Maine Militia, 1-piece. "Rich (rays)/Standard(OE)" 22mm $55.00
  ME1A Sold   Maine state seal button, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $70.00
  CT13B1 Sold   Wonderful Connecticut state seal button! ".*.W. B. Co..*./Waterbury" rmdc. Click on this thumbnail to see what button collecting is all about. 23mm $125.00
  CT13v Sold   Cuff Connecticut Sate Seal. Dug with great gilt and very rare backmark of "Hyde & Goodrich./N.O" 15mm $125.00
  CT12v Sold   Connecticut Seal Staff "Mitchel & Tyler/Richmond" Rare 15mm $125.00
  CT13A3 Sold   Connecticut Sate Seal. "Scovill Mf'g Co./.Waterbury." This one looks to have gone off to War and come back. 23mm $65.00
  ME1A Sold   Dug, Maine state seal button, loaded with gilt, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." no shank.. 23mm $125.00
  ME4E Sold   Maine "R&W. Robinson/Attleborough/***Extra***/Rich 22mm $68.00
  MS34A Sold   Silver plated, low-convex Massachusetts, "*R &W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $70.00
  MS35Av Sold   Massachusetts, silver plated, cuff button.. ".Robinsons./Extra" 15mm $55.00
  MS42v Sold   Rare 4th Regiment Mass Volunteer Militia cuff, "*Robinsons*/Extra" 15mm $175.00
  MS66unl Sold   Boston Light Infantry. Scarce button in fabulous condition, ".R &W. Robinson./Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm $325.00
  MS91A Sold   Mansfield Cadets. Rare! "Robinsons, Jones & Co/.Attleboro./.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 21mm $475.00
  NH6A Sold   New Hampshire state seal, "Scovill. Mfg. Co./Waterbury." 23mm $70.00
  NJ7B Sold   Ultra Rare! "Steele & Johnson." rmdc New Jersey State Seal button. 23mm $675.00
  NY14 Sold   Low Convex 2-piece New York button. Silver plated, "*Young. Smith & "Co*/ New.York" Scarce and underappreciated, in terms of rarity....there is good value here for the money.. 21mm $125.00
  NY20 Sold   Early New York State Artillery, ".W. H. Horstmann(both N's are backwards) & Co./N. (this N is also backwards) York" rmdc. Nice button 20mm $75.00
  NY89Bv Sold   Ulster Guard cuff, scarce, "Horstmann & Co/.NY." w/rays 15mm $250.00
  RI7 Sold   Rare, dug Rhode Island staff officers' button, ".*.*. R& W. Robinson *.*./Makers/*Attleborough*/Mass." Beautiful example with lots of gilt. It has a very small and nearly imperceptible push on the high point of the anchor. 23mm $175.00
  RI17A Sold   Scarce Rhode Island, 1st Light Infantry, "Robinsons Jones & Co" in ribbon w/eagle above. Especially nice and tough button. 21mm $450.00
  RI31A Sold   Rare Rhode Island Guard button. "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $400.00
  VT7A Sold   Vermont Light Infantry, silver plated. "R & W. Robinson/.Attleborough./.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 21mm $150.00
  CF1A Sold   California State Seal. Wartime and increasingly hard to find "Scovill Mf'g Co. /Waterbury." 23mm Sold
  CT13 Sold   Connecticut Seal "*Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  CT20Av Sold   C.N.G., Staff cuff "*Superior*/Quality" Nice; Low convex relief. 15mm $25.00
  CT23 Sold   Hartford City Guard "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." Beautiful button! 23mm SOLD
  CT23Av Sold   Hartford City Guard cuff "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." Nice. 15mm SOLD
  CT27A Sold   New Haven Grays. Scarce button and fabulous condition! ".*.W.B.Co.*./Waterbury" rmdc. 23mm $375.00
  CT27A Sold   New Haven Grays; note the beautiful die work on this scarce button. ".*.W. B. Co.*./Waterbury" rmdc. Outstanding example! 23mm $375.00
  CT27A Sold   New Haven Grays. Scarce! Heavily gilted. Light push. "W.B. Co/Waterbury" rmdc. 23mm SOLD
  CT28B Sold   New Haven Grays; "*Extra*/Quality*" Even push. 23mm $35.00
  ME4A1v Sold   1-piece Maine militia cuff button. Very rare in small size! Silver plated. 15mm $175.00
  MG4A Sold   Michigan Seal "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $200.00
  MG4A1 Sold   Michigan State Seal button. Very nice condition. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $225.00
  MG4A Sold   Michigan Seal, dug. Rim is chipped. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $160.00
  MG4C Sold   Michigan Seal "Goddard & Bro/Extra" 23mm $225.00
  MG4Av Sold   Michigan cuff "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 15mm $45.00$40.00
  MG4A Sold   Dug Michigan State Seal button. Very nice condition and early backmark of: "Scovill Mg Co/Waterbury" (small letters around outside edge) 23mm $250.00
  MS20A Sold   Massachusetts, 1-piece, high convex. "Warranted/(wreath)/Treble/Plated" Silver plated. A fabulous button; Bannerman chose it to replicate. This is an authentic example. Quite scarce. 20mm $200.00
  MS21 Sold   Massachusetts, 1-piece, plain field; "(16 asterisks in depressed channel)" This is a scarce Peasley made vaiant. Distinctive die. 22mm $185.00
  MS22A Sold   Beautiful Massachusetts, 1-piece. Fully silver plated. Blank (2 concentric rings). 23mm SOLD
  MS22 Sold   Massachusetts, 1-piece, lined field; "Treble Gilt/Orange Colour" Beautiful gilted button. 23mm $175.00
  MS35 Sold   Massachusetts State Seal, ".*.L. B. Horton & Co.*./Boston" rmdc. This rare backmark is sharp and clear on the actual button. Nicely gilted. 23mm $100.00
  MS35 Sold   Massachusetts State Seal; dug and highlighted with gilt. Backmark is "Wm H Smith & Co/New-York" 23mm SOLD
  MS42 Sold   Vol. Militia 4th Regiment "*R&W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" Rare! 23mm SOLD
  MS42 Sold   Vol. Militia 4th Regiment "Robinson/Extra" 15mm $150.00
  MS46B Sold   Ancient and Honorable Artillery, 1-piece. Nice and early, 1801-1810. Also, it displays the backmark of the great early American button maker of "***A.M.Peasley***/Boston" 24mm $300.00
  MS57 Sold   Boston City Guards "Draper & Sandland/Extra" Rare! 23mm $150.00
  MS57A Sold   Boston City Guards "R&W Robinson/Extra Rich" 23mm SOLD
  MS57Av Sold   Boston City Guards, cuff "*Robinsons*/Extra" Scarce 15mm $55.00
  MS66A Sold   Boston Light Infantry; 1-piece convex; "*R&W. Robinson*/Attleborough/***Extra***/Rich" Scarce and nice, early example. 21mm SOLD
  MS91 Sold   Mansfield Cadets, 1-piece convex; "*Robinsons, Jones, & Co/Attleboro/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" Very scarce! 22mm $375.00
  MS93A1 Sold   Norfolk Guards, low convex 2-piece. "D.Evans & Co./Attleborough" 23mm $325.00$250.00
  MS94A Sold   Richardson Light Guard; nice with desired RMDC marking: "Scovill Mfg Co./Waterbury CT" rmdc. Outstanding example! 23mm $200.00$150.00
  MS95A Sold   Sarsfield Guards, 1-piece, "*Robinsons*/Jones & Co" 21mm $300.00
  MS100A Sold   Worcester City Guard, *R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" Mint! 23mm $150.00
  NH6v Sold   New Hampshire cuff "*D.Evans & CO.*/Extra" 15mm $35.00
  NH6 Sold   New Hampshire Blank (1 depressed ring) Beautiful! 23mm $65.00
  NJ6A Sold   New Jersey State Seal. "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  NJ13A Sold   New Jersey Rifle Corps "Schuyler H&G/New York" 23mm SOLD
  NJ6Av Sold   New Jersey cuff "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $150.00
  NY9 Sold   big, 1812 era New York 1-piece. Silver plated. blank 24mm SOLD
  NY9Av Sold   New York, 1-piece ".Treble Gilt./Orange" Rare little button! 15mm $150.00
  NY10 Sold   New York, 1-piece "Treble Gilt/(wreath)/Orange" Fire gilted. 23mm SOLD
  NY10Av Sold   New York, 1-piece "Treble Gilt/Gold Colour" Rare size 15mm SOLD
  NY12 Sold   New York, 1-piece, slightly convex; "*Plated*/L&T" Heavily silver plated. 21mm $65.00
  NY17 Sold   New York, 2-piece, low convex. ".W. H. Horstmann & Co./N.York" rmdc. Near mint. 19mm SOLD
  NY20A Sold   New York State Artillery "Horstmann Bro & Allien/N.Y." rmdc 21mm SOLD
  NY20Av Sold   New York State Artillery cuff "*Horstmann*/N.Y.*Phila" 15mm $30.00
  NY26A1 Sold   New York State Seal "Wm. H. Smith & Co/New York" rmdc 23mm SOLD
  NY28 Sold   New York Staff Officers "*Wm. H Smith & Co*/New York" Flat 1850's mark. Scarce. 23mm $100.00
  NY28A Sold   New York Staff Officers "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $75.00
  NY28v Sold   New York Staff Officers cuff button. Missing shank. "D. Evans & Co/Extra" 15mm $20.00
  NY30 Sold   New York Seal. Dug with rose gilt! "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  NY40 Sold   New York, Engineers Corps. Rare! "Scovills & Co/Waterbury" rmdc 21mm $375.00
  NY48 Sold   New York 12th Regt. Condition is fantastic. "Horstmann. Bro. & Allien/N.Y." rmdc 23mm SOLD
  NY49 Sold   New York 13th Regiment. "*Scovill Mf'g Co*/Waterbury" 23mm $75.00
  NY49 Sold   New York 13th Regiment. Rare dug button, found Franklin Tennessee. "Scovill MG Co/Waterbury" rmdc 23mm SOLD
  NY67 Sold   Albany Burgesses Corps, "*Scovill Mf'g Co*/Waterbury." (Important note: I have sold the example pictured. The replacement that is now available is loaded with gilt and is impressed mark). 23mm $200.00
  NY73A Sold   New York City Guard ":Scovills & Co:/Waterbury" rmdc; slight push which is not distracting. 23mm $200.00
  NY73A Sold   New York City Guard ":Scovills & Co:/Waterbury" rmdc. Perfect with nice look. 23mm $250.00
  SU430 Sold   Western Military Institute, Ohio. "Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbury." rmdc. Would make a good substitute for an Ohio Seal. 20mm $100.00
  PA18A Sold   Pennsylvania Seal "Horstmann Bro & Allien/N.Y." rmdc. Rare with rmdc backmark! 23mm $325.00
  unl Sold   Philadelphia Police cuff; dug and nice, rare button. Light push, plenty of gilt "*Extra.*/Quality." 15mm $175.00
  PA18A Sold   Pennsylvania Seal w/flat "Horstmann & Allien/N.Y." back as found on AK1 and KY1. Excellent condition and scarce. 23mm $275.00
  PA46A Sold   Washington Greys "Scovill & Co /Waterbury." rmdc Brilliant! 23mm $275.00
  RI6Av Sold   Rare! 1-piece Rhode Island; blank. This is the earliest Rhode Island seal and is only known in this size. 13mm SOLD
  RI7A Sold   Rhode Island Staff; nice. "R & W Robinson/Makers/Attleborough/Mass" 23mm SOLD
  RI8 Sold   Rhode Island State Seal "Scovill.Mfg.Co./Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  RI8 Sold   Rhode Island State Seal "Scovill.Mfg.Co./Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  RI15A1 Sold   Bristol Train of Artillery "D. Evans & Co/Attleboro Mass" 23mm SOLD
  RI22A Sold   Kentish Guards, scarce Rhode Island Militia. "R. & W. Robinson/Extra Rich" 23mm SOLD
  RI24A Sold   Newport Artillery "*Scovill Mfg Co*/Waterbury" 23mm SOLD
  RI29A Sold   Providence Marine Corps of Artillery "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" Brilliant! 23mm $150.00
  RI30A1 Sold   Providence Train of Artillery "R & W. Robinson/Attleborough/Extra/Rich" 22mm SOLD
  RI33 Sold   Rhode Island: United Train of Artillery "*D. Evans & Co.*/Attleboro Mass" A beautiful button whose time of origin is still not clear (attractive, but possibly post war). 23mm SOLD
  VT4A Sold   Rare early Vermont Militia. This is the only dug one that I have ever seen. "R&W. Robinson/Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm SOLD
  VT5 Sold   Vermont Militia, 1-piece, Silver plated. ".R & W. Robinson./Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" 22mm $175.00
  VT7A Sold   Vermont Volunteer Militia, Light Infantry; 1-piece "R&W. Robinson/Attleborough/.*.*.*.Extra.*.*.*./Rich" Shows honest use and genuine wear. 22mm $125.00
  WC1A Sold   Wisconsin State Seal. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm $225.00
  WC1A Sold   Wisconsin State Seal. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  WC1D Sold   Wisconsin State Seal with best backmark in this class, ".*. Goddard & Bro .*./ Extra" 23mm $255.00
  WC1A Sold   Wisconsin State Seal. Dug, rim is chipped. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm SOLD
  WC1A Sold   Wisconsin State Seal. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm SOLD


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